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Accommodation in a Rural Atmosphere

Zimmer in Gedera


For instructions inside Gedera, on your arrival, Call: 052-8842719.

The Biluim Street is in continuous process of revival. It has been restored under acts for preservation of heritage sites. The biluin, Gedera founders and pioneers, left the street with sites of their era: the first shack, water well, the Gedera Museum, Yeshuron Synagogue, Bor Habiluim- the first pit dug by the Biluim and used as a shelter.
There are small shops, cafes and restaurants. Bilu Park is located near the street.

מוזיאון הבילויים
פריחת תורמוסים ליד יקב גדרה
בית הכנסת הגדול
מתחם חצר הביל''ויים
בית קפה בראשית
עיצוב בביל"ויים 12
צריף הבילויים

Agronen Agricultural Attractions: Picking berries in Israel

You can pick various fruit at Agronen Farm near Gedera.


Ashdod Beach

Ashdod beach is about 15 minute drive from Gedera. You can relax and swim at seven municipal beaches with lifeguard service. One beach is separated for the religious public and therefore closed on Saturdays and holidays.

Hulda Forest, Herzl House & Mitzpe Tal

Hulda Forest, also known as Herzl Forest, is located east of Kibbutz Hulda, about 15 minute drive from Gedera. You can find Herzl House at the entrance next to an observatory looking at the fields and vineyards of the kibbutz.

Bilu Center Outlet Mall

Bilu Shopping Center is about 10 minute drive from Gedera. It is open also in Saturdays and holidays.

Latrun - Mini Israel, Yad Leshiryon & The Monastery of silence

is about 25 minute drive from Gedera and has many attractions in its vicinity.

More Attractions:

 *The Buffalo Cheese farm,,  in moshav Bitzaron. 

 *Horse riding in the moshavim Kidron and Canot:

 *Science Museum in the Weitzman Institute of Science, Rehovot.   

 *Stalactite cave near Beit Shemesh:


 *Beit Guvrin caves:


 *The British Park and Luzit Caves :


*Cycling trails in Haruvit Forest.

*The Maginim (defenders) Forest near Carmei Yosef.

*Rehovot and Ness Ziona: Ayalon Institute Museum and the Citrus Growers Museum

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Address: Arkin Zvi 44th, Gedera
(To arrive via Waze, please note Arkin Zvi 50)

Reservations: 052-8842719

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